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Yalla Shoot :Women’s World Cup: Portugal v Vietnam – live | Women’s World Cup 2023

Key events

19 mins: Thi Diem My Le is crudely taken down by Alves on the touchline in but the Portugal defence gets away without a booking.

17 mins: Portugal are pretty happy to clear their lines and aim for Jessica Silva because they know she has the pace to trouble Vietnam in any situation.

15 mins: Jessica Silva has the beating of the Vietnam defence for pace and is frequently going past them. They will need to double up on her soon if they want to contain her.

13 mins: A cross is headed up in the air by a Vietnam defender and falls out of the night sky onto Nazareth’s left boot but she volleys straight back from where it came and over the bar.

Moments later, Portugal cut through the defence thanks to a Nazareth pass between two centre-backs, allowing Alves to latch onto it but the cannot get the ball beyond the goalkeeper.

11 mins: Vietnam need to settle down because if they do not, Portugal will add to their opening goal pretty soon.

9 mins: Considering Vietnam have five at the back, they really need to be better organised. Portugal are just walking through them.

GOAL! Portugal 1-0 Vietnam (Encarnacao, 7)

Portugal have looked bright from the start – and the Vietnam defence has been confused – so this was inevitable. Alves sends the pinpoint cross into the box and Encarnacao turns the ball home.

Telma Encarnacao of Portugal celebrates with teammates after scoring.
Portugal have been too strong for Vietnam so far. Photograph: Phil Walter/Getty Images
Telma Encarnacao scores to put Portugal in front.
Telma Encarnacao scores to put Portugal in front. Photograph: Fiona Goodall/FIFA/Getty Images

6 mins: Great work by Jessica Silva on the right sees her turn away from the full-back, before laying the ball into the path of Nazareth, who earns some space but fires a shot with the outside of her boot over the bar. It’s an entertaining start.

4 mins: It is a smart set-piece which makes it along the six-yard line but Portugal manage to scramble it clear.

Down the other end, a neat move from Portugal culminates with Jessica Silva through on goal but she slices her shot well wide from inside the box.

2 mins: Vietnam earn a free-kick in a dangerous position on the left after Borges trips Hoang. Thi Bich Thuy Nguyen tries to shoot but the wall is in the way. She gets away with a corner.


Peep! Peep! Peep! Here we go!

Here come the teams! Portugal in their traditional red, while Vietnam are in all white.

I saw Portugal a couple of time during last year’s Euros. Kika Nazareth came off the bench to make a cameo in one of the matches. It will be fun to see her from the start today. She is Portugal’s most exciting player and could make the difference in what will be a tight game.

Get to know …


And Vietnam

Earlier today in this group …

Starting lineups

Portugal (4-3-3): Morais; Alves, Marchao, C Costa, Seica; Jacinto, T Pinto, Nazareth; Borges, Silva, Encarnacao

Subs: Pereira, R Costa, Amado; Rebelo, Rute, Norton, F Pinto, Dolores Silva, Diana Silva, Mendes, Capeta

Vietnam (4-5-1): Thi Kim Thanh Tran; Thi Thu Thuong Luong, Thi Thu Tran, Thi Loan Hoang, Thi Diem My Le, Thi Thu Thao Tran; Thi Thao Thai, Thi Van Duong, Thi Thanh Nha Nguyen, Thi Bich Thuy Nguyen; Nhu Huynh

Subs: Thi Kieu Oanh Dao, Thi Hang Không, Thi Kiểu Chương, Thi Thủy Nga Trần, Thí Tuyệt Dung Nguyễn, Thi Thủy Trầng Trần, Thi Hai Linh Trần, Hai Yên Phẩm, Thi Thủy Hang Nguyễn, Thi Hoa Vu, Thi Van Su Ngan, Thi Mỹ Anh Nguyễn


We have two sides that started with defeats and are hoping to get some points on the board to give some vague of reaching the knockout stages. Portugal would seem the better bet, despite being in their first World Cup. They were narrowly beaten by Netherland in their opening match and have showed plenty of promise in recent months. There is the minor issue that they face USA in the final group but let’s focus on the here and now.

Fellow tournament debutants Vietnam are in a similar bind that they might get a positive result here but being able to follow that up against Netherlands is an optimistic concept. They are ranked 32nd in the world – only 11 places below Portugal – so are no mugs and making their mark in Hamilton. Vietnam striker Huynh Nhu is based in Portugal at Braga-based side Länk.

Here’s a cracker!

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