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Yalla Shoot :Who do the Debate pundits want to face in the Champions League

Whitwell, of The Athletic, commented: “Old Trafford, against Barcelona, was brilliant, wasn’t it? I think that’s a little bit what you’re referencing [Wes], those kind of crucial moments where it’s okay, yeah, come on, let’s see what you’re up to here. And they came through that particular game.

“So I think those kind of occasions are what you’re after.”

Premier League Productions reporter Irving has happy memories of the 2-1 win over Xavi’s men that clinched a fabulous 4-3 aggregate triumph.

“That was the best moment of last season for me,” he insisted. “Forget the [Carabao] Cup final, which was great, and I know a lot of fans would have had a brilliant day out at Wembley, or watching it at home. But the feel of Old Trafford that night, I remember coming out of the ground and actually going around to the press box for work, and just the look on people’s faces and the jubilation. The way it felt to have beaten Barcelona, you know, and that is it.

“It might not be about winning the trophies just yet, but it’s having those sort of nights and those sort of results.

“So bring on Barcelona, bring on Bayern Munich, PSG, whoever you want to bring.”

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