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Yalla Shoot :What do Argentina make of Martinez and United?

You’ve been here at Carrington interviewing Licha, Sofi, what is he like and how is he viewed in Argentina?
“He is a hero. He is a world champion. So we love Licha. We love Licha because of his personality,  he is very strong but sensible, you know, both things. I think that Argentina loves Licha; where he is from, he is quite strong. That’s why we love Licha.”

I think we love his passion and commitment he has got in his game. Does that embody the Argentinian character as know how much you love football in the country?
“We love football – it is our biggest passion. We have been divided for many years but football and the national team is something that we are all in it together. It is so special. The spirit thing that we feel during the last World Cup was amazing.”

We saw the way the fans reacted to Argentina going back for the Panama friendly game – the scenes were incredible. Are they still as happy as when they actually won it?
“I think people have been going crazy because of this World Cup. And I think that it is going to be like this for many years maybe. It is a real deep happiness that we had.”

I hope we get it in England soon, as we’ve been saying, but going back to Licha, how closely do you follow Licha in Argentina, we know a lot of our games will be on TV?
“We are big fans of Manchester United because of Licha. I remember in my country, we know that Manchester United fans sing “Argentina, Argentina” because of Licha. So that is really important and nice for us. We appreciate what you did.”

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