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Yalla Shoot :Panama v Jamaica: Women’s World Cup 2023 – live | Women’s World Cup 2023

Key events

60 min: Brown again with a fantastic run, she lays it off to Spence who immediately puts Brown through but she has a heavy touch. The crowd have come to life, the atmosphere looks amazing! Blackwood wins a corner.

58 min: The celebrations from the team shows what that means, if it stays like this Jamaica are level on points with France! Panama have been deadly though so don’t count them out just yet.

GOAL! Panama 0-1 Jamaica (A Swaby, 56′)

Oh wow, Brown take a bow – what a run! She weaves in an out to cross it in but Carter’s chance is wide and out for a corner. Carter takes it and A Swaby heads home.

55 min: Cox’ delivery is a bit weak and while Panama try again the chance is wasted. Jamaica counter but Bailey comes out to retrieve the ball, Jamaica come again through McKenna but she is ruled offside. VAR is checking something here though, McKenna was fouled in the box but I thought she was offside. And yes she was, no penalty.

53 min: Brown has a sensational run around the box and weaves into the area but the challenge is well timed. Brown comes again but Bailey is there this time to quell the chance. Panama win a free kick in a scoreable position and it is Cox over the ball.

51 min: The fight for these points continues as Carter fouls, Tanner pings it upfield to Cox but Sampson does enough to disrupt the ball.

49 min: Cedeno has the ball in and Tanner is almost on the end of it but A Swaby heads it out for a corner. Cox is over the ball but it’s cleared, it popped in again but Jamaica’s defence holds strong.

47 min: Panama starting the second half with some umph but they can’t penetrate the Jamaican defence yet. Jamaica have a chance themselves but Primus and Blackwood’s attempts to get into the box are blocked.

Back underway! Panama 0-0 Jamaica

So will either side find a winner here? Remember if Jamaica win, Panama are out. Panama have made a change with Salazar off for Quintero.

Do you want to know more about individual players at the World Cup:

You can have a read of the other match in this group below, it was a thriller between France and Brazil:

David has come through for all of us in the juice v squash debate: “The crucial difference between ‘juice’ and ‘squash’ is that juice is fresh and squash is essentially juice concentrate that is to be diluted, similar to a cordial- as squash is concentrated, its high sugar content allows it to be stored longer… as it happens, here in Belize (a Commonwealth country, so we do refer to juice concentrate as squash), we have White-nosed Coatis, a mammalian cousin of raccoons, and the vernacular here is ‘squash’! For those remarking that ‘squash’ refers to the fruit (zucchini and the like), that word actually derives from the Algonquian peoples ‘askutasquash’ where ‘askut’ means raw or uncooked, and ‘asquash’ means eaten, hence ‘things to be eaten raw’, the point being that one should use the word ‘asquash’, not the shortened version, but Americans tend to follow their own rules!” It seems I have been saying the wrong word, but I’ll probably continue to do so!

Half-time! Panama 0-0 Jamaica

Well so far there is nothing to separate the sides with Panama being a thorn in the side for Jamaica. Sampson has had the best chance with Bailey making a great save. All to play for in the second 45.

45 + 3 min: A Swaby is forced to send the ball out again for a corner as Cox tries to find Cereno. Cox is over the ball and it’s a good delivery! There’s a header but it is saved by Spencer.

45 + 2 min: Spence sends in a powerful shot and Bailey again makes an incredible save! That should have been a Jamaica corner but the referee went with a goal kick.

45 + 1 min: There are two minutes added and the first starts with a Jamaica free kick.

45 min: Jamaica work it into the box but Castillo carefully sees it out without handballing, it’s out for a corner and Carter is over it. It comes to Primus but she does not get a good contact. Blackwood then makes a long range effort which Bailey collects.

44 min: Panama are growing into this and this time Cedeno almost plays Cox through. A Swaby sees it out for a corner which Cox sends in. It’s initially cleared but Tanner comes away with it, Spence is there to muscle her off the ball though.

42 min: Panama have their best chance as Jamaica make a mistake through Sampson, Cox picks up the ball and takes a shot but Spencer collects.

40 min: Primus plays the ball back inside but her teammates aren’t on her wavelength and Panama can relieve pressure once again. Cox is down here, I think she has been hit in the face. She is back up and okay to continue.

38 min: Blackwood sends the corner ball short, it comes back to her but it’s deflected out for another corner. Blackwood the taker again and McKenna has a header but it’s wide, Panama then clear.

36 min: Cox wins it in a dangerous spot and whacks it into the box but it doesn’t find Tanner. Jamaica are now over the ball and have some good build-up play, Primus is tackled in the area but no penalty is given. It comes to Sampson and she wallops it towards goal but Bailey makes a great save, concedes a corner though.

34 min: Brown pings it in but it does not find a teammate, Spence manages to work it back in and she gets a shot but it only hits the side netting.

32 min: Cox finds Cedeno but Blackwood fouls and earns herself a yellow card. Panama have a free kick as a result and Cox sends it in but it’s cleared.

30 min: Cox attempts an ambitious long range effort but it is way over the bar. It feels as though a goal would settle this match.

28 min: Carter crosses in but it’s easily cleared, it comes back out to Primus and she has a powerful shot but it’s just over the bar! Mary has got in touch and said: “In the Americas, if you offer someone squash they might think you are talking of the vegetable, (zucchini, crookneck, ect, ect) when you offer them juice there is no chance of confusion.” That’s also a good point! Some in depth answers are coming in which we will look at half-time.

26 min: Baltrip-Reyes is okay to continue. One of the loudest things you can hear are the whistles being blown in the packed crowd! The atmosphere seems electric.

25 min: Cameron does well to get away from Baltrip-Reyes and her resulting cross is saved by Bailey. Baltrip-Reyes has picked up a knock from the build-up, she is getting some treatment. This game has been quite frantic so far.

24 min: Panama work the ball into the final third but their last touch isn’t clinical as the ball sails wide.

23 min: It looks like Salazar ran into Sampson’s elbow but she is okay to continue.

22 min: Carter pings it in but Primus can’t quite get to it but Jamaica remain with the upper hand. Spence passes to Sampson but her shot comes too late. In that build-up Salazar has sustained an injury, it looks like she has hit her face.

20 min: Blackwood makes a good run and Castillo cuts it out for a throw in. C Swaby takes it and it comes into the box with Primus getting a shot away, it’s just wide but was deflected for a corner.

18 min: Some great play from Carter there as she weaves around the box but she is then judged offside. Brown is now down with injury after a foul from Salazar, she gets a yellow card. Brown is okay to continue.

16 min: The free kick as a result of the yellow is well defended by Panama and then they peel away to counter. But Blackwood gets back to defend, she was incredible against France and is continuing her good form.

14 min: Panama counter and get it to the edge of the box with Tanner by A Swaby marshals it out of play well. Cedeno gets a yellow card for a foul on Spence, Cox looks frustrated by the call as Salazar should have had a foul before that. Steve had got in touch about our juice v squad debate, he says: “Juice is pure. Squash has sugar and water. Both better with gin.” See I think I call juice and squad under Steve’s definitions juice. I never use the word squad haha!

Drew Spence of Jamaica reacts after a challenge with Emily Cedeno of Panama (right).
Drew Spence of Jamaica reacts after a challenge with Emily Cedeno of Panama (right). Photograph: Richard Wainwright/AAP

12 min: Spence plays a brilliant ball to McKenna, she crosses it in but Brown does not have a good touch, she does win a corner though. Carter crosses in and Primus gets a good shot but it’s deflected out for another corner. This time it is cleared easily.

10 min: Spence draws another foul to give Jamaica another free kick, Blackwood is over the ball and it’s a good delivery into the box. A header connects from C Swaby but Bailey deals with it well.

8 min: Spence is fouled but the referee plays an advantage. Possession exchanges hands but Jamaica get it into the box, Spence crosses in and Bailey comes out to meet her. Panama hold up the ball well to prevent Cameron from having an open goal to aim at, her shot eventually saved.

Jamaica's Tiffany Cameron lifts te ball over Panama's keeper Yenith Bailey as Riley Tanner looks on.
Jamaica’s Tiffany Cameron lifts te ball over Panama’s keeper Yenith Bailey as Riley Tanner looks on. Photograph: Luisa González/Reuters

6 min: Jamaica make an error as Spencer sees the ball straight out of play, the throw in sees Gonzalez in a good position. She fires off a shot but it is wide.Beau has emailed and said: “Coffee? After that France-Brazil thriller, I’m wide awake here in the US!” You’re not wrong, the adrenaline got going during that match!

4 min: Already you can see the hole in the Jamaica squad that Shaw would occupy. They have popped a few balls forward but no one is there to collect it, the Manchester City star would have been a deadly threat.

2 min: If Jamaica take all three points today Panama will be out of the World Cup as two countries would be on four points in the group to Panama’s 0. They deal with an early Jamaica free kick well though but they also cannot counter.

Kick-off! Panama 0-0 Jamaica

The game is underway! Who will come out on top? We will soon find out …

Michelle has got in on our juice v squash debate ahead of kick-off! She has said: “I call it juice. Squash is a tiny fruit.” Thank you, one for my team!

The players are out on the pitch and the anthems will soon follow suit. Jamaica are favourites to win this but can Panama cause a shock?

So Walsh will miss England’s last group match and Ada Hegerberg will not be available for Norway in theirs:

My body wants me to have another coffee but its probably not the right decision to make! I will stick to juice for now. Do you call it juice or squash? My friends correct me all the time as I always go for juice. Let me know your thoughts via Twitter or email.

Brazil’s Ary Borges still sits top of the Golden Boot race but can she hold on? have a look at the battle:

An update on England’s Keira Walsh:

Following a scan late on Saturday afternoon, we can confirm Keira Walsh has not suffered an anterior cruciate ligament injury.

Walsh has been ruled out of Tuesday’s final Group D match and will remain at our Terrigal base to continue her recovery.

— Lionesses (@Lionesses) July 29, 2023

France have beaten Brazil 2-1 which has blown this group wide open! The group stands with France have four points, Brazil on three points, Jamaica on one and Panama have none. How will it look after this game coming up? Catch up with all the reaction to France v Brazil:

And a fun fact from Jamaica’s guide: “Thirteen of Jamaica’s 23-member squad will be making their first World Cup appearances. That number includes the five England-born players – Rebecca Spencer, Vyan Sampson, Atlanta Primus, Drew Spence and Paige Bailey-Gayle. Also of note is that Cheyna Matthews, like she did in 2019, has returned shortly after giving birth to make the World Cup squad.” Full piece:

Panama’s rising star starts in today’s match, have a read about her from our guide: “A move to Europe in the near future is not out of the question for 18-year-old Deysiré Salazar. The player from Colón has excelled for the national side since making her debut in 2020 and is already a league champion with her club side Tauro. She could go on to be one of the most important players in Panamanian football history, and is on the radar of clubs in the US.” Full piece:

France v Brazil is in its closing stages and what a match is has been! See if France can see out their lead here:

Panama have announced their line-up. Vargas, Jaen, Mills, Quintero and Riley all make way for Salazar, Natis, L Cedeno, Tanner and Gonzalez

Starting XI: Bailey, Natis, Castillo, Pinzon, Salazar, L Cedeno, Gonzalez, Coz, Tanner, Cedeno, Baltrip-Reyes

Marta Cox
Photograph: Elsa/FIFA/Getty Images

Jamaica’s team news is here! They make three changes to their line-up with Carter, Cameron and McKenna in for Shaw, Wiltshire and Matthews.

Starting XI: Spencer, Blackwood, A Swaby, C Swaby Sampson, Spence, Primus, Carter, Brown, Cameron, McKenna


Hello and welcome to the final game of day nine at the World Cup. Panama take on Jamaica in a Group F clash which could have a bearing on who progresses to the knock-out stage.

If Brazil beat France in their match, which is being played right now, they will secure a last 16 spot. Any other result and both spots are still up for grabs. The other qualifying position will definitely not be decided until the final group games.

Jamaica had a great outing against France, holding them to a 0-0 draw. However, they will be without influential captain Bunny Shaw after she saw a red card in the first match. Panama were beat convincingly by Brazil but they will be looking at this game as a way to throw a punch at this World Cup.

The team news for both nations will be announced imminently and so stay tuned ahead of kick-off in an hour’s time.

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