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Yalla Shoot :Netherlands v Portugal: Women’s World Cup 2023 – live | Women’s World Cup 2023

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80 min Now a change for the Netherlands, Van de Donk – who’s had a decent game – replaced by Egurrola.

78 min Three more changes for Portugal: Alves, Jacinto and Encarnacao replace Norton, Diana Silva and Amado.

78 min Amadao dashes by Van de Donk, who yanks her back and is booked.

77 min Again, Beerensteyn shows for the ball but, on the edge, is slow deciding what to do next so Diana Silva nips in to unload her.

75 min Jessica Silva feeds Borges, rolling a pass into her stride as she bursts down the right … and slings a miserable cross over the bar and behind. This is not, I’m afraid, a good half (of World Cup) (football).

74 min Ach, Jessica Silva gets away but a sloppy first touch allows Van der Gragt to slide in and win the challenge. She’s been excellent today, a physical presence at both ends of the pitch.

73 min Also, Brugts, who played well in the first half, has been almost anonymous this, likewise Pelova.

72 min Beerensteyn, though, is trying to get things going. Her touch can be a little untidy, but you never forget she’s playing because she’s constantly trying to make things happen.

70 min Van de Donk is down, so her mates go to the side where Jonker shows them various diagrams. Really, though, what they need to change is their mindset – there’s a lack of conviction and devil, rather than any tactical issue.

68 min I doubt Andries Jonker is liking what he’s seeing now. His side are sitting back and their passivity has invited Portugal into a game that ought already to be over.

68 min And now an attacking change for Portugal, Nazareth replacing Dolores Silva.

67 min Portgual have upped the intensity, Jessica Silva finding Tatiana Pinto down the right. Again, support isn’t quick enough to arrive, but again, this is better.

65 min Now Diana Silva finds Jessica Silva down the right, and when her cross is cleared, Dolores Silva opts not to take on the first-time shot from the edge. It’s not much, but it’s something: these last two minutes have been Portugal’s best of the match.

64 min Better from Portugal, Norton and Diana Silva exchanging passes before Van der Gragt piles into the latter. That’s an excellent, hard challenge, but concedes a corner … which comes to nothing/

62 min Norton barges Brugts from the back as Tatiana pinto challenges from the front, and Spitse will curl into the box from 40 yards out. But though her delivery is again good, a defender makes first contact and Beerensteyn is flagged offside despite that.

61 min Groenen tries a ball over the top and the lively Beerensteyn collects, ducks inside, and lashes a shot straight at Pereira.

60 min Someone needs to do something. Portugal have yet to muster an attempt on goal, and they’re letting the Netherlands cost now.

58 min It’s gone pretty quiet out there. Portugal need to get players forward, Netherlands need to inject a bit of energy.

56 min South Africa are known as Banyana Banyana, so here’s a banger in that regard from the genius that is DJ Maphorisa.

54 min I’m not sure how Portugal plan to score. 4-4-2 is generally a decent way of attacking a 3-5-2, but they’re not stretching the Netherlands in wide areas. But here’s Jessica Silva down the left, in space … but with none of her mates anywhere near her. So Groenen robs her, Silva hauls her back, and the ref shows the first yellow card of the game.

52 min A flick-on from a goalkick sends Beerensteyn barrelling towards the box, she looks to move on to Martens, on her right, and a deflection off a defender moves the ball to meet the run of Van de Donk, arriving on her left. This is a chance! But she opts to make sure her shot is on target, rather than pick a spot, and Pereira, who’s looked solid, parries to safety. That should’ve made the game safe.

50 min More nice, patient possession stuff from the Netherlands, making little triangles down the right before going backwards to try and Portugal on. But then they lose the ball and one pass in behind sees Jessica Silva in space. She’s under pressure from two defenders, though, so rushes her shot which Van Domselaar saves … then the flag goes up.

49 min Netherlands knock it around nicely enough. It’s worth noting, though, that for all their dominance, they’ve only created two chances, both from corners. That’ll need to change if they’re to do anything here, and focusing on today, as long as it’s 1-0, Portugal are in the game.

48 min I’m a little surprised Portugal are trying to play out, given their difficulties in getting decent possession in the Netherland’s half, but I respect the intention.

46 min Van der Gragt leaps above Diana Silva to head a bouncing ball, piling through her opponent at the same time; whoops etc. Silva takes treatment, but I’m sure she’ll be fine.

46 min We go again!

Our players are back with us early…

Also earlier:

But do not sleep on Kobbie Mainoo, who played beautifully. He’s got a lovely weight of pass and swagger on the ball, plus Erik ten Hag loves him. Given a fair wind, he could be a superstar.

From earlier:

HALF-TIME: Netherlands 1-0 Portugal

That was a lively and enjoyable 45, Netherlands clearly superior. Portugal haven’t had a touch in their box, but have suggested an ability to improve.

45+2 min Another Portugal free-kick, another ball that’ll go into the box – and this time from a bit nearer to it. But Dolores Silva’s delivery is too straight, so Van Domselaar comes to claim under nae pressure.

45+1 min We’ll have three minutes of added time.

45 min Here come the Netherlands again, Beerensteyn drawing in her marker then spinning to collect a throw, bouncing into the box before squaring for Van de Donk … who can’t quite fashion a shooting lane so is blocked off.

44 min

Cannot overstate how huge New Zealand’s opening day victory was for the team and the #FIFAWWC in the country.

📌 Sold-out MD2 vs Philippines in Wellington
📌 Flights from Auckland going for over NZ$600
📌 Car rentals all booked
📌 Auckland Fan Fest expecting between 1,000-1,500

— Kalika Mehta (@Journo_K) July 23, 2023

42 min In comms, they’re lamenting the absence of Miedema, and her in this team would give it an entirely new dimension. I quite like its structure though – despite a general antipathy to three at the back – because they’re still managing to create overloads out wide.

40 min The Netherlands have been impressive so far – just as well, as next for them, on Thursday, it’s USA.

39 min The Netherlands are controlling this game now, a long searcher finding Beerensteyn running the channel. Down the left side of the box, she hooks a bouncing ball into the middle, where Martens plops a header into Pereira’s arms.

37 min The Netherlands win the back ball high on the counter-press, Brugts again getting them going by pulling wide. Groenen and Roord then retrieve possession to find Martens, who escapes a challenge with a lovely sway and lovely feet … only to drag a weak shot from the edge that Pereira fields easily.

36 min Jessica Silva tells Francisco Neto, her manager, to keep calm. Which is very funny; everyone loves having that said to them, but no one loves it more than bosses, in public.

35 min “What do you reckon about Portugal’s kit?” wonders Ezra Finkelstein. “I quite like the creative design.”

Yup, as per the below, I’m a fan and, on further reflection, think it’d be great in hoody form.

33 min Van de Donk and Brugts are combining well down the left, Tatiana Pinto struggling to cope with both; she needs some help from Borges behind her.

32 min But when, eventually, the kick comes in, it’s straight at Pereira who claims under no pressure.

30 min Nice from the Netherlands, a switch hitting Brugts, again on the touchline, and she leaps well to nod bad inside for Van de Donk, who nudges past Borges and wears the inevitable foul. Another chance for Spitse to swing in, and Portugal are really struggling with these balls.

29 min I think I’ve learnt a word in Dutch. “How was your day?” “Absolutely héérlijke, mate.”

28 min Portugal win a free-kick 40 yards from goal, and it’s clear that every time they’re in that kind of position, they’re going to try and get the ball into the box. The delivery, though, is poor – in a way, this is the difference between the teams so far – and Spitse heads clear under no pressure.

26 min Fatima Pinto has some kind of minor leg-knack, so is at the side taking a bit of treatment. She’s quickly back with us, though.

24 min Nice from Groenen, releasing Van de Donk down the left, and she wins a corner. Again, Spitse’s delivery is superb, swinging in this time, and Roord’s alone inside the six-yard box! How is that possible? I’ve no idea, but she peels away well … only to redirect her header over the bar! That is a major oversight!

23 min “Offside will never make sense to me,” says Andrew Stokes. “Roord was offside for a prolonged period, standing right near the goal line. Had to be disallowed I thought.”

She was, but she didn’t affect anything. No one marked her and the keeper didn’t allow for her, so she wasn’t interfering with play – though the real football men of my childhood would say she was on the pitch, so.

22 min Since conceding, Portgual have struggled to get out of their own half. They’re still defending with decent alertness and proactivity, but need to stay in the game for the next five-10 minutes.

20 min More trouble for Portugal, Pelova running away from Tatiana Pinto, who’s had a difficult start, drawing the foul and allowing Spitse to stick another ball into the box, outside it down its right hand side. This time, though, she overhits her delivery and the ball sails behind.

18 min “It would be The Netherlands when used in a phrase, e.g. ‘Andries Jonker, Head Coach of The Netherlands,’” explains Johannes Karremans. “When in a list, however, Netherland without The is accepted. Origin: the reference is to the low countries (‘Holland’, ‘hol’ in Dutch meaning hollow, concave. More importantly, in The Netherlands the use of Holland is considered outdated and politically (and legally, btw) incorrect since a few years.”

So for our purposes, it’s “the Netherlands”. Got it.

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