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Yalla Shoot :Every word from Erik ten Hag press conference part two ahead of Man Utd v Nottingham Forest

One of those players, Antony has struggled recently. There has been allegations against him that he’s responded to. Is that the concern for the club? Is that an issue to deal with?
“No. The outcome in Brazil was clear and he completed a good pre-season. He’s also scoring some goals. He is more often in the situations where he is a threat for the opponent, but not only a threat. He’s in the key moments there, where he should have been. Now we have to finish. In pre-season he scored two goals and, also, I think, one assist. So I think he is in a good direction. And now he has to speed up because for us, good is not good enough. So don’t get distracted. Focus on football and on performing.”

Erik, the transfer window closes next Friday. Do you hope to get more reinforcements in before the window? And with Rasmus Hojlund not yet available and the prospects of Greenwood coming back are now over, would a striker be in your thoughts?
“No, because Rasmus will be available from next week on and then we are with Rasmus, with Anthony Martial. We have coverage and also, of course, we have Rashy [Marcus Rashford] as well there. So we have enough players to cover and quality players to cover that position.”

Erik you said earlier that when you were asked about being overrun, that it was the front and the back – they were the problems. What specifically was it that those areas of the team weren’t doing?
“They didn’t run. And when they did run, it was in the wrong moment and it was too late. Especially the front, they didn’t recover.”

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